Can I wear underwear without rims for sports?

Can I wear underwear without rims for sports? This is a question of what is good for women to wear sports underwear when they exercise.

One, sports underwear, is a kind of protective underwear that is specially used for women to do sports to prevent shock and breast shaking. Generally speaking, there is no steel ring.

Second, underwear without steel rims, here is the ordinary underwear without steel rims, which is a kind of comfortable underwear that is more suitable for women with small breasts. Generally speaking, can this kind of underwear without steel rims replace sports underwear? The following two conditions are met.

1. The wrapping surface of the non-steel-rim underwear on the chest is not big

For example, full cup underwear without rims, 3/4 underwear without rims,

For example, whether the side ratio, shoulder strap, and back ratio are widened

2. Whether the exercise level is low to medium intensity

For example, yoga, aerobics, sprinting, jogging, cycling, etc., non-wire underwear with the first condition can be competent

For example, for strenuous sports such as running, tennis, badminton, basketball, boxing, etc., you should wear professional sports underwear instead of the steel-rimless underwear mentioned above.

In general, whether you can wear underwear without rims for exercise depends on the intensity of exercise; the other is the stability of wearing underwear without rims.