How to choose the size of sports underwear?

Sports underwear size

The size of sports underwear is different from the general underwear size. It is distinguished by S, M, L (that is, small, medium, and large). Therefore, professional sports underwear will indicate the usual underwear size corresponding to the size of the sports underwear on the size.

In addition, you should choose sports underwear according to the type of exercise you often do: indoor or outdoor, heavy or light, and decide the style and color accordingly. If you exercise more indoors, choose white or light-colored ones that are brighter; if you have more heavy exercises, choose more flexible ones that are more convenient and practical.

Sports bra selection skills

1. There are light, moderate and high support, so you can choose according to your type of exercise. Be sure to buy a high-strength support series to run.

2. Do not choose sports underwear with underwire type. Note that the color contrast between the inner and outer clothing should not be large, so as not to be unsightly.

3. You must know your upper bust, lower bust and cup shape. The cup size is divided into AA type, A type, B type, C type, D type.

4. Check the ingredients card. Is it a pure cotton texture? Lycra is an elastic fiber. The higher the Lycra content in the fabric, the better the elasticity. Therefore, checking whether it contains Lycra ingredients is an essential step in selecting sports underwear.

5. Check the shoulder strap design of the underwear. If the elasticity is good and the angle position is good, it should not be embarrassing to slip off.

6. Single-layer sports cotton texture and Lycra underwear can prevent breasts from sagging without rubbing the skin, so it is suitable for women with full breasts. The three-dimensional magic sports underwear can concentrate the breasts from both sides to the middle to deepen the cleavage. The chest pad is removable and easy to clean. It is the choice for women with small breasts or ordinary women.

7. Trying on is an important part. You should look at the front, back, and side body shapes in the mirror, move your body, and experience whether it is comfortable and natural to wear.