Women's compulsory course underwear selection memo

Women's compulsory course underwear selection memo

   It’s summer again. When shopping for her own fashions in a hurry, the girl is still thinking about her most intimate clothing—underwear. What kind of underwear do you need to match this season's illusory fashion to make you a blockbuster? And what kind of underwear can match your mood and make yourself full of confidence?

   One of the popular features-color in power

   Summer is the season of color resurrection. Fashion designers desperately make the palette colorful, and all colors come in handy. And the underwear world, which has always been dominated by flesh-colored and pink, is unwilling to be lonely and has played a brand of vivid colors. Last year, the bright and lovely lemon yellow and the refreshing and modern sky blue just appeared on the underwear, attracting the attention of young girls, but in the vast underwear market, they seem to be a little shy. In this season, this high-purity color began to crazily occupy the latest models of almost all brands. In addition to lemon yellow and sky blue, there are also very popular purple, vibrant apple green, eye-catching orange and so on. It is expected that these arrogant and cute colors that were not touched in the past will spark a new wave of underwear purchases for young modern people.

   Popular feature two-light movement

   Affected by the sports boom, sports elements have been added to both day wear and evening wear, men's and women's wear, and of course, underwear is no exception. Especially for girls who like to exercise at home, sports underwear is naturally essential.

This season's sports underwear can perfectly combine the body's curve shape and comfort. Stretchable sports bras, fit sports underwear, mini skirts, collarless tops, etc. are all styles that emphasize sports function and temperament. They are the same. The characteristics are simple lines, simple materials, and mostly solid colors, full of modernity and vitality.

  Popular feature three-complex flowers and minimalist noodles

  The flower pattern has always been the best decoration for underwear. Not only does it always give people a romantic feeling, but also because it can be varied, with different designs, showing pure, classical, or amorous styles. In this season, it is even more glorious, "stylish" renovation. The anti-decorative plain bra, which is the opposite of it, will not show weakness, and it will achieve unexpected effects with various high-tech fabrics.

   The floral patterns on the lace underwear of this season are more realistic than before. The branches and leaves of the flowers are distinct, and the stitching or overlapping design of several different lace floral patterns is very fashionable. Leaf pattern lace is more popular this season than flowers! Who says that green leaves can only be matched with safflower! Plain bras are made of materials, and high-tech fabrics with glitter, matt, and different textures have appeared. However, in the original romantic In front of the girls, the plain bra had to be decorated with beautiful floral lace on the soil platform under the cup!

  So, what kind of underwear do you choose?

   1. If you are a girl who likes to be free and unrestrained, our suggestion is to wear sports underwear with smooth lines.

   The material of sports underwear is generally simple, but at the same time it is very comfortable. Pure cotton material has always been very popular. Recently, the popular Lycra cotton combines comfort and elasticity, and it is also a good choice. In this series, the simpler the style, the easier it will be. The shades of black, white, and gray will never go out of style.

  2. If you are a feminine girl who likes romance and even a little self-pity, we suggest you choose underwear decorated with lace.

   There is a wide range of choices for underwear, but the principle is that the smaller the flower pattern, the easier the effect, especially the leaf pattern is more leisurely and elegant than the flower pattern. The color is generally dark tones that easily reflect femininity, such as rose purple, burgundy, dark blue and so on. If you are a girl who is confident, responsible and ready to face any challenge, plain underwear with simple structure and brilliant colors is for you.

Plain underwear has high-tech fabrics, and its smooth surface allows you to wear any outerwear without showing any traces, and it has a perfect appearance in appearance. The blue, green, and orange on the underwear, these rather unusual colors will give you a sense of freshness when you are tired.

   3. If you are a girl who pays attention to appearance and likes to show mature taste, then highly functional adjustable underwear is your best choice.

  Adjustable underwear has the wonderful effect of shaping the devil's figure, and it plays a key role in the maintenance of the body and the maintenance of the line-of course, this is when the underwear you choose is completely in line with your figure. Don't try to put on adjustment underwear that does not match your body in order to shape the devil's figure, it is very dangerous!

4. But if you are a girl who has never liked underwear, then we suggest you to read books about physiology and gravity. You should know that without the care of underwear, your body may change in a few years. It's not as good as it is now, and other girls can keep it well-because they have chosen the underwear that suits them.