Is it useful to wash new underwear in salt water?

Many people wear newly bought underwear and are used to washing them with salt water before wearing them. Is there any scientific reason for this?

Most consumers like to wear underwear made of pure cotton or silk because they are comfortable to wear. However, clothing fabrics made of any raw material are dyed and processed by other methods, and most of the white ones are also whitened. Therefore, it is inevitable that there will be residues of dyes and chemical finishing agents on the surface of the clothing. The free formaldehyde on clothes we usually mention is produced by finishing agents used to prevent fabrics from wrinkling during the finishing process of textiles. This is the case for one of the finishing agents for pure cotton and polyester-cotton textiles. In addition, there are 18 kinds of azo dyes in the dyes of cotton products, which have been proved to be harmful to the human body. They are banned from use in Europe, but they are still used in some textile factories in China.

China has standards for various harmful substances contained in textiles and clothing processing. Generally, the products produced by large enterprises can meet this standard, but there are many small enterprises in the textile industry, and there are many products that do not meet the standard. To be on the safe side, it is recommended that you wash it before putting on new underwear.

Is it necessary to wash with salt water? uncertain. The main components of brine are sodium chloride, dyes and finishing.