President Speech

Huinong, Cecil sincere dedication! It is the common aspiration of the Huinong and Huinong as

seamless underwear industry leading enterprises in the the will make the life. Looking back on the history, we have been in the process of overcoming difficulties, because we firmly believe that history is composed by those who make the full use of their time and the opportunities for change and innovation. With China's entry into WTO, we must carry forward the factors of success in the past, promote pragmatic, innovation, high efficiency, win-win spirit of enterprise, adhere to the market and customer oriented, respect for employees, commitment to social responsibility of the core values. Looking to the future, our goal is to create a seamless industry in China's first brand, to achieve this ambitious goal, the most important is to adhere to scientific and technological innovation, to maintain the enthusiasm of the staff and the cohesion of the organization. Scientific and technological innovation in order to maintain the vitality of enterprises, in order to create more opportunities for future development, in order to help us to overcome the potential crisis. Let us be the energy delivered to every employee, with our blood, sweat and the youth achievement Huinong business, and strive to create a with international competitiveness of a world-class enterprise. This is the responsibility and mission that history has entrusted to us.

A new era of Huinong, "opportunities and challenges, difficulties and hopes". In the face of this rare historical opportunity and challenges with the confidence of Huinong people. We will continue to uphold pragmatic, innovation, high efficiency, the spirit of win-win Huinong, unswervingly "seamless industry to build China's first brand" strategic goals and move forward. Huinong will strive to achieve synchronization with the international, and social peer, to further strengthen cooperation with friends from various circles at home and abroad, NBC, a total of progress, and make new contributions for the development of science and technology industry!